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Hey Ghouls, did you visit us in 2013? If so, you know just how much fun a trip to the Butcher Shop can be! 2014 is our 4th frightening year, and we are down in the laboratory cooking up the most gruesome brand of ghoul-losh this side of the grave!  New corpses! New bloody gore effects! New shocks, and screams sure to frighten even the most seasoned haunted house fan-addict! Be sure to meet the new addition to the Butcher Shop Family! A darling bundle of sopping wet fun, a real chip off the old chopping block... to see a photo of our pride and joy, click HERE !

Cute! right? Ok, now, introducing the new kid on the block, a real whiz kid, a golden child, downloaded  on M PEE 3! the always thirsty PeeWee the Peeing Baby! to see him, click HERE!

The BUTCHER SHOP HOUSE OF GORE is open Fri, Sat, Sun each week starting October 3rd 2014.

The BUTCHER SHOP is open from 5:00PM to 11:00PM

Admission is $7.00 per person, with no exceptions, unless you have a pass.




Now with foggier fog, bonier corpses, and more splattered gore!

YES! we are low-budget! Please GIVE US MONEY! All money donated will go towards materials, props, and stage blood! We promise! Thank you!

-The Butcher

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